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Permanent recruitment

To recruit the right person, Claran believes that it’s as important to understand the culture of the company as it is the skills of the vacant role. This enables us to place people more successfully.

Our honest approach means that we explore openly how suitable each candidate is for the role, how serious they are about finding a new job and we only put forward those who are a precise fit to each client’s needs and who are genuinely available

Executive Search

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. We get to know the exact requirements of a client company before we begin the search and selection process and our creative search and networking skills enable us to select star candidates from the outset.


We understand the benefits of recruiting through contracting. We're well practiced in providing a streamlined service to companies whose recruitment needs may be short to medium term. We can tailor a deliverable to meet specific needs, which can also include administrative cost and time savings for clients. Our contractor database is always current and relevant.

On Site Recruitment

Whatever the nature or complexity of a short-term project, we have the technical background and capability to understand the requirement and select one or a team of short-term contracted employees to meet your project-specific needs.


Why not concentrate on your core business and outsource your payroll administration to us? Don't worry if you pay your staff weekly, fortnightly or monthly, our systems will ensure everyone gets paid on time. We'll even handle queries, holidays, P35s, P45s or P60s; anything related to payroll.

Vendor Management and Master Vendor:

Claran offers a Master Vendor service where we are the sole provider of contingent resources for a client.  In this instance we usually take over existing contractors realising an immediate saving for the client.

In addition we also engage with other vendors where necessary and manage the mobilisation and demobilisation of contractors via that source. We also look after all the invoicing associated with sub vendors minimising the work load of the client.